Our Products

ReTrans Enterprise

ReTrans Enterprise is an innovative biomedical automated tool for Literature surveillance that meets the regulatory requirements in an automated manner with an accuracy of more than 95% and reducing the cost/times by more than 50%.

ReTrans Enterprise, an automated tool on literature surveillance, monitoring and management that gets easily integrated with Embase and PubMed. This tool fetches hits/citation from the public database on periodic basis, using AI and advance NLP performs auto-classification of citation, auto-extraction of ICSR Case, generation of ICSR R2/R3 XML file, auto-routing of workflow item based on classification. The tool helps in reducing time and efforts.


ZiCapPro is a simple yet powerful tool to capture clinical data for various phase during the clinical study and patient safety program with four-eyed concepts and easy reporting strategies


R-Intelyser is a smart tool that transforms raw information to intelligence with deep analysis and well defined procedures. R-Intelyser regularly monitors integrated regulated publications, policies and legislations and provides interfaces to implements the regulations in timely and efficient manner.